Back the Blue–Dallas Police Department

Absolutely tough week across our nation with disturbing video in two incidents.  The facts and evidence will come to light. Please have faith in our justice system, have faith in one another, and support the families in pain.

By now, you’ve heard the story of the dark night in Dallas. But you may not have heard Dallas police chief say that most days our officers do not feel the support of the community. Primarily good folks standing the thin blue line deserve to feel good about their work and their community.

So we send this message in an effort to show support. To show your financial support, you can log onto: .

We Back the Blue, DPD! Thank you for all you do every day. Our prayers for a speedy recovery to our injured officers, peace and understanding for the victims’ family, and the coming together of all the citizens of the Great State of Texas.


P.S. And for all the LI posters who think this message only belongs on social media like FB, consider all the businesses impacted by the events in a downtown area. Or, consider how the taxpayers are going to pay for such an event. Maybe you can offer a way to budget for such catastrophes. Maybe you can solve the employee engagement issue resulting from a situation like this. Consider what events like this do for recruiting great talent.

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