Special Needs Employees Serve Ice Cream with a Smile

A variety of ice cream flavors in a fun environment with great customer service. Nothing all that unusual. But wait until you grace the door of Howdy Ice Cream Shop in Dallas. Tom Landis hires employees with special needs to serve you with a smile!

What a great idea! Drop by the shop on Lovers Lane just east of the Toll Road and experience the cool ice cream and warm, friendly service.

What could be a better way to enjoy your ice cream than spending time with productive employees with Downs Syndrome and Autism? A big Texas “howdy” is waiting for you!

Share the idea and the love! And, the next time you are ready for a calorie splurge, visit Howdy Ice Cream Shop in Dallas!

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Now go scoop up some fun! Then, maybe you’ll be inspired to find other ways to employ more special needs folks!

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