Recruit & Retain – Go Dallas!

Recruiting and retention problems are not new. Even the Dallas Police Department faced recruiting and retention issues over the past year. And then, on July 7th, five officers (four from DPD and one from DART) were killed, and  nine other officers were injured in an ambush.

Few of us would be surprised if recruiting became more difficult following such an event. But Texans rose to the challenge. In the face of this tragedy, DPD has experienced a surge in police officer applications from 11 applications a day to 40. .

Chief David Brown and all DPD applicants, great job! Let’s keep this trend going.

Mayor Rawlins and Dallas City Council, with the new tax revenue due to the current real estate price hikes, maybe it’s time to share some budget with DPD.

If you would like to join our police, click on: .

Thanks for stepping up, Texas!


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