Beef: Farm to Fork. Where’s the Farm?

News – The U.S. will be importing raw beef from Brazil, just months after Congress eliminated labeling requirement regarding the beef’s origin and processing.

The USDA announced this month that U.S. will be exporting beef to Brazil. In fact, the more significant part of the story is that Brazil will now be exporting raw beef to the United States. We were already importing cooked corn beef from Brazil. Brazil is hoping to enter other world markets in Asia in competition with U.S. exports now that the U.S. has given the green light to Brazil imports. See:

Not everyone agrees about the safety of meat:

This revelation comes after the U.S. Congress eliminated the labeling requirement on meat allowing you to know the country of origin and processing when the U.S. succumbed to World Trade Organization pressure. See:

We see headlines every week about food transparency, environmental issues, climate change, ethical treatment of animals and wanting non-GMO products and cage free eggs. Where’s everyone on beef imports from countries that don’t have our environmental standards and the lack of labelling country of origin or packing? The U.S. pushes its weight around internationally when it comes to climate change.

For a list of the top beef importers check out:

I don’t consume red meat. However, my friends and family members eat beef, and pet food and treats include beef. Whether it’s our inability to negotiate with our partners in the WTO, our politicians’ lack of concern for transparency in food, or a genuine apathetic public that leads to this legislation and trade deals is beyond my pay grade. I just thought you might want to know.

Please share with your family and friends, and eat beef responsibly.

LK Greer

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