Words Matter–Weekend Musing

This morning I’m embracing my “nerdiness” while flipping actual pages of a book titled, The Well-Spoken Thesaurus. Are there are a few of you who appreciate a little stream of consciousness related to words? We shall see.

Solicitude (noun)—state of being anxious or concerned. The rhythmic nature of the four syllable word is evident as you repeat the word three times. You can almost hear a faint drum beat with every other syllable. With television news anchors and website articles all spouting bad news, it’s understandable that we may experience a growing solicitude regarding our family’s future and safety.

As the school year begins, and students find themselves going to a new school, they too may experience a sense of solicitude. Certainly employees who remain with a company after bankruptcy, or several rounds of lay-offs, relate to the feeling. And if your child is just starting to drive, you too may experience solicitude

However, family and business leaders, as well as students maturing, will develop equanimity (noun—composure under stress). Our ability to not only face changing circumstances, but also to adapt and grow, is at the core of who we are as humans.

In case this post is a bit too scholastic, perhaps you’ll enjoy knowing that immediately before typing this blurb, I was playing and wrestling with the dogs, making silly noises, and tossing dog toys through the air. Rainy weekends give us the time to embrace the diversity of our personalities. And they present great napping opportunities as well.

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