The History of Businesses–American Exceptionalism

Take a trip down American enterprise lane via the internet, and check out a few bits of the history of business in America via photos compliments of the Smithsonian. Arguably, some of you may consider the rotary phone and 8-track tapes old. But let’s go back it time even further. Some of my favorite American retro advertisements and American inventions and investors include:

  • Chinese Coca Cola ad circa 1936
  • M&M Candies sold for 5 cents in the early 1940s. One packaging included the label, “um-m-m”
  • Henry Ford’s first moving assembly line in 1913
  • Machine that makes barbed wire by Glidden circa 1874, and
  • Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, 1785–1879, invested in American stocks and real estate, amassing significant wealth

Fun historical business facts fill the pages of the Smithsonian sponsored site. Did you know the first radio programing in Spanish in the United States was in Texas in 1955?  And, Elizabeth Keckley made a christening dress for Mary Todd Lincoln’s goddaughter. The money Keckley received from her sewing and dressmaking projects helped support newly freed slaves.

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