Commercial Urban Farming–Specialty Business or New Industry?


We’ve been seeing the resurgence of community gardens in several neighborhoods across the U.S. More farmers’ markets are around our towns. And the farm to fork trend is popping up all over. Consumers’ concern for more details about the origins of their food are also growing. So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find reports of a woman running the first commercial farm in an urban residential community. Below are a few fun facts regarding Urby on Staten Island, snagged from an article in Modern Farmer:

  • Farm covers 4,500 square feet
  • The woman in charge is 26 year old Zaro Bates
  • Farm is sitting on top of a parking garage
  • 50 different plants are grown on the farm
  • Some of the crops are donated to help those in need, and
  • Did I see recycled burlap holding plants?

Check out the full story at:

See more at Staton Island Live (SILive):

This project might get this Texas gal back for a visit to New York, as long as I can visit upstate and West Point while I’m there! Are we seeing the dawn of a new industry, or is this just a very unique business? Let me know your thoughts.

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