Coffee. The Fresh-Roasted Sensation before Starbucks

Coffee before Starbucks wasn’t just Folgers, Maxwell House and Community Coffee. Any Dallas-ites remember Prestonwood mall? Well, just down from Neiman Marcus and almost across from Dillards, on the second floor was Addison Coffee (I think “Roasters” got added later). Not quite a North Texas institution yet, Addison Coffee Roasters has been delivering fresh roasted coffee to consumers since the 1980s. One of the first times I ever saw a large, commercial roaster was in that Prestonwood store, and the current owner was the one roasting!

If you love true fresh roasted coffee beans, you’ve got to get in touch with Addison Coffee Roasters. They import green beans from all over the world, and get their hands on some dynamite varieties. Like wine and scotch, coffee’s flavor (and I don’t mean flavored coffee), touches your palette in so many ways. Experience the heavier earthy tones and the lighter sweeter notes depending on the cup you drink. And, yes, flavored coffees with their yummy sweet aroma are available.

If you aren’t near the Addison area, check out a Central Market. They carry several ACR blends and varieties. You also can find some of their beans at Stockyards Olive Oil in Fort Worth, Cupboard Natural Foods in Denton and Recycled Books in Denton. And if you want to sit down and enjoy the pleasure of ACR’s coffees, visit the following bakeries and restaurants: Mad Batter Bakers in Addison, Society Bakery in Dallas, Paris Bakery in Paris and Café Mila in The Colony. If you’re not from North Texas, give ACR a shout. They will ship you fresh beans.

If you’ve never had coffee that’s been roasted the same day (or even a few days old), you are missing out on a low calorie pleasure! No one really believes there’s a difference until they try a true fresh roasted bean. Of course, the coffee is good weeks later…just like other brands.

Discover Texas-sized flavor, including new dry roast coffees at Addison Coffee Roasters: .

And for added fun, view the WFAA feature:

If you don’t know what to try, ask. Some of my favorites are: La Minita, Flores Bajawa, and New Guinea Peaberry. But there are many more from which to choose. And, if you enjoy loose tea, they have a lovely selection as well.

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. It’s a little sinful, easy on the waistline, full of flavor, and it’s not banned from most offices! Let me know your favorites.

Happy Sipping.

LK Greer


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