Date Night: Dinner & a Movie (or a Presidential Debate)

After work tonight we are replacing date night (dinner and a movie) with dinner and debate. If you don’t realize the presidential candidate debate is tonight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you won’t appreciate this brief post. For those who don’t appreciate political humor, stop reading. For those who will be happy to weigh-in on our menu choices, please continue.

So what meal goes with debate? Here’s what I’m thinking.

First, we’ll start with anti-gas and anti-nausea meds just as a precaution. Then, I was thinking mushrooms wrapped in bologna as the appetizer, or since we live in Texas, maybe fried bologna. Of course, we’ll have to go to the grocery store since I haven’t had bologna since I was a child.

For a main course, how about steamed crabs, as I am sure there will be someone steamed and someone crabby? Or, maybe this event calls for surf and turf. After all we’ll want to know where’s the beef, and I’m sure they’ll be some bull. And we better have some greens to stay strong, and they’ll be plenty of spending green. For luck, maybe we should add a side of black-eyed peas!

Dessert is a tough one. How about Rocky Road Ice Cream?

Please share your dinner menu items. It will be a good distraction on a Monday.

Happy Debating.

LK Greer

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