Therapy Goats and Yoga Goats? Are You “Kidding?”

Today’s headlines making you want to tune out? Let’s see if this might change your mind.

While I am a fan of dogs, I couldn’t help but laugh recently as I read the description of a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Apparently the Siberian Huskies we’ve been rescuing for years are related to this line of goats. The goats are described as escape artists, intelligent, curious and mischievous. So I wonder if they shed like huskies do as well. What’s more, Nigerian Dwarfs come in a myriad of colors, and are perhaps the cutest pups, I mean kids, you might ever see.

So, as I started exploring goats a little more, I found that a few folks have found that goats can make good therapy animals. As usual, stories can be found throughout the internet.

I do not advocate for adding goats to city property since I have never owned a goat. However, I couldn’t help but smile as the autistic child was tending to goats, and seemingly feeling connected to his world.

And what about this institution supporting disabled citizens in England that recently added a goat program?

As fascinating as these stories are, the one that made me sit back and chuckle is the story of the goat yoga class. I can’t imagine farmers needing more exercise, but this class does look like fun. Well, maybe I’d prefer to be a spectator. But you’ve just got to take a look at Goat Yoga here: .

While the city may not be a place to raise livestock, maybe these goats will give city slickers a reason to appreciate farm life a little more. Heck, maybe these goats will help you forget about some of your less than pleasant encounters with a few two-legged creatures.

For me, I definitely will smile a little more when hearing the phrase “just kidding around.” And, I’ll be learning more about goats just in case I should add goat farmer to my list of career recommendations.

Happy thoughts everyone!

LK Greer


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