Vote. A little levity for the season.


Tired of hearing about the election? Keep reading for a little levity related to voting!

When deciding on today’s topic, I was researching synonyms for the verb, “vote.” After all, it’s arguably one of the most overused words during this time of year. Well, to my surprise, there are virtually no one-word synonyms for the verb, “vote.” Seriously!

Our right to vote is at the center of our democracy. The privilege of casting a ballot is at the heart of being an American. Think of all the people without a vote around the world. This year it is easy to feel a bit cynical, and wonder if we are able to make a difference.

So to encourage everyone to vote, I am sharing some laughs somewhat related to our election from Bruce Lanksy in Work and Other Occupational Hazards.

  • “It is getting harder and harder to support the government in the style to which it has become accustomed.” Anonymous
  • “Torture the data long enough and it will tell you whatever you want.” Anonymous
  • “Chairman: Right, let’s vote on the recommendation. All those against, raise their hands and say, ‘I resign.’” Anonymous

Not willing to completely leave my English language fascination, I did turn some actual pages in my New Oxford Rhyming Dictionary (there’s my geekiness again). Below are a few words that rhyme with vote in case you might need them: afloat, bloat, boat, coat, dote, emote, gloat, note, promote, quote, rote, and smote.

Can you use them in a sentence?  Be sure to vote, but there’s no need to emote or even gloat in a note to promote or even quote your candidate.

And that’s my note, but in order to stay afloat, I must end this less than historical footnote, and exchange my housecoat for a suit coat.

Smile. Soon the process will end, and regardless of the outcome, we must keep moving forward.

Happy voting.

LK Greer


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