Happy Halloween: Treat before Trick

Journey Lee writes for us from time to time. I hope you like her poem, “Treat before Trick.”

On Halloween we say “trick or treat,”

And ask for candy from all we meet.


With an election just one week later,

Is the result a trick for those who are not a donator?


And if not a trick, than what of a treat?

Is the treat an ejection seat?


Let’s hope Halloween and Election Day

Are blessed days without any foul play.


After you don your mask, and enjoy a happy Halloween,

Look beyond the costume and the political machine.


Then cast your ballot and say a prayer,

And take a deep breath when you find some fresh air.


No matter whether your day brings you a trick or a treat,

Remember you are strong and can make ends meet.


Happy Halloween! May all your days be filled with treats.

–Journey Lee

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