A Toast to Independence Day

It’s time to honor those who secure our freedoms and remember those who visualized the United States. In preparing for July 4th, I was searching for a few good toasts. While I did run across a link to some “time honored” traditional toasts at http://www.rsvlts.com/2015/07/03/13-july-4-toasts/ , none of them were quite what I sought.

So what’s better than an old timey toast? How about a little Daniel Webster to start the celebration? Here are two of my favorite quotes that live up to the test of time:

“It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of G-d it shall be my dying sentiment, — Independence now and Independence forever.”

“One country, one constitution, one destiny.”

And, in case you want a bit more of a traditional toast, see if you can use the following for a jumping off place.

“Lift your glass to toast all who defended, are defending and will defend our Independence. May every American play a role in keeping our Independence. May our children and our children’s children experience the glory of a lifetime of Independence.” LK Greer

“G-d, watch over our United States. Protect us from tyranny. Make our minds sharp to recognize threats to our liberty. Keep our bodies able to defend our rights. And, weave courage in our hearts so we will defend our freedom.” LK Greer

What’s your favorite July 4th toast?

Now, enjoy barbecue and fireworks! Happy Independence Day, America.


P.S. That’s Breeze in the picture ready to protect our freedom.

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