The Last Bastion of Privacy?


Hacking, WikiLeaks, employees filming meetings, and hot microphones all show us that our private moments are much less private than we have the right to expect. Today’s headlines provide mounting evidence that our freedom is being “hacked.” But since identifying a problem without providing a solution is for life’s inexperienced members, today I pose to you what might be our last bastion of privacy—our family dog (or other pet).

Occasionally we hear that pets extend our lives, and many suggestions as to why that may be true. Perhaps one piece of the puzzle is the fact that dogs are great listeners. Need some unscientific proof?

  • Who doesn’t love to talk to his dog and watch the dog’s head cock?
  • Or how does it make you feel while you are talking to your dog when the dog stares lovingly into your eyes, seemingly hanging on every word you say. Well, right up until something is going on in the favorite room in the house—the kitchen.
  • And who among the pet owning crowd hasn’t confided his true feelings about someone or something in a private conversation with that friendly, furry friend?

Well as a Siberian husky fan, I must admit they do talk back and cop some attitude now and again. They sing and even dance, which is just part of their charm. But thank G-d even with all their antics, not even a husky will reveal what his owner says to him in confidence.

When you’re looking for privacy, look no further than right next to you. So as you are reading the latest headline on a privacy hack, take a swig of your beverage, get up from your sofa, grab a leash or a toy and spend some quality time with the bearer of your secrets.

Enjoy your weekend! And enjoy the picture of one of our former foster dogs, Katiana. She was the typical husky diva–enjoyed getting in trouble, loved to have fun and sang all day long.

LK Greer