Black Cat 2-1 (Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Story)

30 plus years after Vietnam, Captain Ford wrote about his life during Vietnam as a Huey helicopter pilot with the U.S. Army. In 1967 Bob Ford joined the Army in Vietnam. He quickly earned his wings and flew missions in a Huey helicopter. 4,914 helicopter pilots and crew never returned home. Captain Ford was one who lived to tell his story. He takes the reader through just a little of what it means to run missions as call sign “Black Cat 2-1.”

Given the horrors of war, I was impressed that Ford wrote about his experiences for the first 100 pages without taking the reader through death. But war always brings death and destruction, and Ford describes the scenes just enough to keep the reader engaged without making them look away.

He focuses on his missions, the people with whom he served and even shares how he was feeling and what he was thinking during the year in the middle of the fight.

The book is clean, appropriate for most audiences, and I highly recommend this one for anyone who has the privilege of never stepping into a hot zone.

I have many favorite passages in this book, as Ford illustrates the importance of keeping focused, maintaining a good sense of humor and remembering others are depending on you.

Many of these books are written by people who did not live through the war. Clearly, this author was intimately involved in the writing of this true story. The text is well written, and easy to read.

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