When you seek content that is amusing or stuffy, informative or persuasive, try two letters — LK.

Never mind the “one topic and one blog” rule. If you share my passion for animals, the environment, Siberian Huskies, English Shepherds, common sense, business and the law, stick around and read a spell. Here's what's on tap:


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Just for Fun

Some “stuff” shouts to be the center of attention. When that “stuff” is neither mainstream nor too serious, you might find it featured here. Past topics include peat moss alternatives, tractors in the middle of Washington DC, therapy goats, and Super Neptune. What's currently featured is anyone's guess. You may find not so famous quotes to consider, little known facts about strawberries, or English language do's and dont's. If you're feeling the slightest bit adventurous, click the Just for Fun tab.

Dogs, etc

Millions of dog owners, dog lovers and even “pet parents” walk among us. For dog training tips, grooming information and people enjoying their animals, check out the Dogs etc tab. From time to time you'll even find more than just dog information!


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