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Texas v. Georgia–March Madness goes Nuts for Pecans

The farm to fork craze around America brings a battle between Texas and Georgia for the best pecans ever. For state promotion, we’ve got to give the race to Georgia. The Georgia Commission on Pecans has a fabulous website filled with articles about the health benefits of pecans, fun trivia, and my favorite…recipes! Georgia Pecans on my Mind…. First a few facts. February is American […]


Planet Alert! There’s a new kid on the block—only 11 million years old, and five times the size of Earth. Talk about new and improved! This cosmic toddler is a mere babe in the woods compared to our 4.5 billion year old Earth. Bigger than Texas. Reading about planets and stars doesn’t take away the mystery as much as it puts our existence into perspective….

Stupid Insult

“No name calling,” our mothers and teachers instructed. Actually, it’s pretty good advice. What does name calling really do for you anyway? Perhaps we can agree that name calling really has no place in an adult conversation. However, just as I have occasionally broken the rule in my home, maybe others of you have slipped as well. When contemplating the ever increasing environment of openly…

Wagging Tail?

It’s 11:00 PM, and she leans over and says, “Let’s talk.” Or, your boss invites you to her office unexpectedly, and as you innocently arrive, there is a second person you don’t know in the room. Or, as you walk by an office mate’s cubicle where a conversation has been going for at least 15 minutes, you hear accompanied with, “I’m sure he can explain…